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Easy on the environment.
Easy for you.

In every decision we make we consider the environment, the future of our earth and its inhabitants. Not just in the final product we manufacture but also in how you receive it and the impact it leaves on the environment once you’ve assembled it.

Key facts

  • Delivered ‘flat packed’
  • Individual panels weigh between 8 and 12kgs
  • Using robust yet lightweight materials and a unique manufacturing process, it provides great temperature and acoustic insulation
  • 6 Skulpods can fit into a 40ft shipping container

*transparent viewing panel available soon

  • Its gross floor area is 20m2 – 2.7m high and 4.5m in diameter
  • The standard Skulpod includes 1 door and 2 opening windows
  • The standard colour is Oyster White
  • Custom colours to order
  • Optional extras include multiple doors and windows, block out blinds, a tunnel that enables the connection of more than one pod, transparent panels*

*transparent viewing panel available soon